Where can I apply for jobs in banking and finance in India?

Banking and finance jobs portals in India

Tech roles are rising across banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), and are poised for strong growth in 2023. Amidst a gloomy outlook for jobs, staffing firms and Banking and finance jobs portals in India. Predicted that BFSI is the most trending industry and is subjected to constant change. The financial industry is dynamic due to the subjectivity of the market. Hence, the finance industry needs skilled professionals for the new departments and numbers changed considerably in the last decade.

Banking and finance jobs portals in India and HR companies said the growth expected in the BFSI sector as the economy recovers after the pandemic is set to support increased hiring at various corporate levels. The banking and Finance industry is not limited to only Accounting Finance, Taxation or Banking. According to recent hiring trends, skills are in major demand across the BFSI sector. Also, it has been anticipated that the BFSI sector in India will employ an extra 1.6 million skilled professionals by 2023.

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There are many mainstream diverse career opportunities that assure growth and stability in the BFSI sector. We discussed a few below;

1.  Financial Accountant

Financial accountants manage the financial accounts of a company to check if finance is properly regulated, managed and distributed. It basically includes the evaluation of important financial perspectives and metrics. A financial accountant’s job is to review and report the results to the upper management eg; shareholders and executives. As many major decisions are in the hands of financial accountants, so they play a crucial role and earn a significant salary.

2. Financial Analyst

Investment Analyst manage businesses and decide to make investments through the stock market, bonds, or other investments. Financial analysts analyse the information they get from the stock market and use it to make plans for investing or not investing. Financial analysts engage with company leaders, make reports and handle parallel financial bodies associated with the company.

3. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst intends their methods and operations to evaluate the business model. Business analysts are defined as a link between business problems and technology solutions.

4. Investment Banker

The job role of an investment banker is to issue debt, sell equity to raise capital, conduct strategic research, and manage IPOs and private equity placements. Also not limited to this but they find and close potential investors, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, analyze future risk, offer financial advice, facilitate mergers and acquisitions etc.

5. Fintech and Digital Banker

Fintech professionals main work to assist clients technically, providing guidance, understanding the client’s challenges from a technical level and providing solutions that deliver value, and deal with current regulations.

Best and Prominent Banking and Financial Services Jobs

Considered one of the most popular jobs in India, banking and finance attract thousands of young people to apply for the Best BFSI Jobs. If you are good with numbers and like to work in a fast-paced environment, a career in the banking sector might just be the perfect option for you

Just like any other job search, banking and finance jobs also require eligibility criteria to be met and a certain set of skills to be matched. As you take the first step towards your banking career, explore the best career options available after this.

Banking and finance jobs portals in India

Risk & Compliance:

  • Heads of Compliance – Regional/Country/Product
  • Control Room
  • Monitoring & Surveillance
  • AML – Fraud/Investigations/SARs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Policy Makers
  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Valuations
  • Operational Risk
  • Upstream Risk
  • COO

Accounting & Finance:

  • Finance Controller/Director
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Management Accounting
  • Internal Auditor
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Finance Business Managers/COO

Front Office:

  • Investment Banking/PE
  • Research – Credit & Equity
  • Investment Managers
  • Commodity Finance/Trade Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Structured Lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Corporate Banking/Coverage
  • Product Sales
  • Transaction Banking
  • Retail and Priority Banking

Back Office:

  • Retail and Priority Banking
  • Senior Management Roles like Chief Tax Officer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Head Office Reporting
  • Internal Audit
  • Operation
  • Consumer Banking
  • Tax

Banking Technology:

  • Applications
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure
  • Helpdesk/Support
  • Network
  • Program/Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Service Delivery
  • IT Consulting
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Executive Technology Management


  • Settlements and Documentation
  • Custody and Clearing
  • Operations Risk Management
  • Reference Data
  • Collateral Management and Valuations
  • Corporate Actions
  • Client Onboarding/Client Services
  • Cash and Payment Operations
  • Project Management/Business Analysts
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Wealth Management and Superannuation
  • Financial Planning
  • Employer Relationship Management
  • Member Education and Advice
  • Member and Advisor Services
  • Fund Administration
  • SMSF Accounting


  • Client Services
  • Claims Administration
  • Case Management
  • Underwriters
  • Other Support Services
  • Administration and Office Support
  • Human Resources
  • Legal – General Counsel/In-house Counsel
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Property/Facilities Management
  • Procurement

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