What is Call Letter?


An interview Call Letter is a written invitation sent to a candidate, applicant, or a job aspirant inviting him/her for a “face-to-face” interview at the employer’s office or at the venue where an employer decided to conduct the interviews. This letter is very often called a Call Letter.

Call Letter Writing

Call Letter is also defined as a letter written to invite shortlisted candidates to attend an interview at the scheduled date and time in the given address. Meanwhile, Call Letter writing defined formal invitations sent to shortlisted candidates for a face-to-face interview with the recruiter. A well-drafted Call Letter writing helps to communicate the message clearly and may increase the chances of a candidate’s positive response. Learning about the Call Letter writing format can help you make the Call Letter professionally. By that, we want to discuss what a Call Letter is, learn how to write one and explore the things to include, along with a few helpful tips to write a proper Call Letter.

During the hiring process, the hiring manager screens the applications and shortlists candidates matching the job requirement. Afterwards, they often invite the shortlisted candidates for an in-person interview. The Call Letter acts as a formal invitation to this interview. It contains critical information about the interview, such as date, time, location and instructions on bringing any relevant document.

call letter

You can follow the steps below to write a good Call Letter: 

1. Write your name and contact details.

2. Mention the date.

3. Write the recipient’s details.

4. Add salutation.

5. Write the body of the interview letter.

6. Include a sign-off.

7. Proofread your letter.

8. Prepare and format.

How to do Call Letter Writing

Let’s go through one by one for making a professional Call Letter writing;

1. Write your name and contact details 

Introduce yourself by writing your name and your company’s name on the top left corner of the letter. Include your company address below the name. Ensure that the address you mention is accurate, as the candidate may contact you at this address if needed.

2. Mention the date 

Next, include the date of drafting the call letter. Separate the date line from your address and the recipient’s address. This date is crucial, as it works as an official record.

3. Write the recipient’s details 

Write the recipient’s name and contact information below the date. Ensure to include the recipient’s correct title with their name. When emailing this Call Letter, you may skip the information in steps one to three.

4. Add salutation 

This is where you greet the shortlisted candidate. Make sure that your salutation is formal. By greeting your recipient with a proper salutation, you are setting a professional tone that may carry throughout your letter.

5. Write the body of the Call Letter 

The body of the Call Letter is three or four paragraphs long. The first paragraph includes a reference to the job role and the candidate’s application. Follow it by an interview invite and related key details in the second paragraph. The third paragraph can contain other essential interview details, such as any additional requirements. In the last section, you can ask for availability confirmation or share contact details.

6. Include a sign-off

In the sign-off section, you can include a closing like Yours faithfully, Yours Sincerely, or Best, followed by your signature and name.

7. Proofread your letter

Make a habit of proofreading your emails or Call Letter before sending them. Reading them aloud to yourself can help check for typos, misspellings and grammatical mistakes. Ensure the Call Letter can be read well and contains all the critical information which the candidate may require.

Format of Call Letter to send to the employees

[Your Company’s Name]

[Street Address]

[City, State Zip Code]

[Phone Number]


[Recipient Name]

[Street Address]

[City, State Zip Code]

[Phone Number]

Dear [Name of Recipient]

[Introduction – State the company’s name and extend them a job. Give them details about the position and their department]

[Let them know what they get if they accept the job. This would include salary, benefits, bonuses, stocks, etc. identify a start date]

Let them know by what date they need to respond to the offer and when their hire date is]

[Let them know to whom they will report and whom to call if any questions arise] Your Sincerely,

[Sign here for letters by mail or fax]

[Your name (or the name of the person who is doing the hiring]

[Title – if applicable]

Format on How to response for a Call Letter

[Name of the person]

[Company Name]

[City Name]


[Subject: Joining letter for the position (job title)]

[Dear Sir/Madam,]

[With reference to the Call Letter on (date), i would like to accept this offer as a (job position) starting from (date of joining) at (company name).

Kindly consider this as my formal joining letter.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your sincerely,

Your name.


In conclusion, Call Letter Writing is a proper way to call the employees for attending the job interview. The Call Letter should be clear and state briefly. By that, the candidate knows the majority of the contingencies of the position and the company to decide if they will accept the offer or not. If the candidate agrees to your offer, they will sign the letter and return it back to the company.