Profile Build-up:

A profile is an overview of a person's life and work, usually used as a means of introducing them to others. A well-built profile should give a clear and accurate picture of who the person is, what they do, and what they're interested in. It should be concise and free of any unnecessary information.

When building a profile, it's important to consider what kind of image you want to project. You'll need to decide what information to include and how to present it in the most favourable light. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and don't try to hide anything that could reflect poorly on you. The goal is to create a profile that is an accurate representation of who you are and what you do.

Profile Builder – Bridging the Gap Between Industries and Universities

In today's job market, it is more important than ever to have a well-rounded and complete profile. However, for many university students, the transition from academia to the professional world can be a difficult one. This is where Profile Builder comes in.

Profile Builder is a web-based platform that helps university students and recent graduates build complete and professional profiles. By connecting students with industry professionals, Profile Builder helps bridge the gap between university and the workplace.

Through Profile Builder, students can gain valuable experience and insight into various industries, learn new skills, and make connections that can help them in their future career. In addition, Profile Builder can also help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, and match them with potential career paths.

If you are a university student or recent graduate looking to build a professional profile, then Profile Builder is the perfect platform for you. With Profile Builder, you can gain the skills and experience you need to succeed in your chosen career.

1.Make sure you are providing authentic personal data


When one is using an online platform, many get apprehensive and think it is best to hide their identity and/or not provide personal details.

However, when working on Upwork, the platform asks for complete authenticity and transparency. This not only helps them filter out spam and bots but also provides their clients’ security that they are not recruiting scummy freelancers who will loot them.

Thus, Upwork makes sure that the profile is authentic and automatically rejects a profile that they deem to be is inappropriate or inauthentic.

2. Your Upwork profile needs to be 100% complete


It’s common practice that when you join a freelancing jobs site, you do a quick registration and decide to come back to complete your profile later.

While this is ok to an extent, there are higher chances that you will take days if not weeks to go back and complete the profile. With so many incomplete profiles, many think the person is not active and reject them.

Thus, either complete your Upwork profile in one go or get back to it when you have a good amount of time so as to complete it to 100%.

3. Make sure that you have taken Upwork’s readiness test


In order to hire you, any company would check if you meet certain criteria and understand certain things.

The Upwork readiness test tests those criteria and checks whether you are ready for Upwork and have a clear understanding of how the platform works.

In order to get Upwork approval, you need to clear the readiness test which in turn will provide you with a guide about everything that you need to know as Upwork freelancer and how to get started. It will also provide you information about the types of freelance accounts the platform has, how they work and how one can get hired on Upwork.

Further, they will also provide you with information about getting paid on Upwork and how to withdraw your funds once the client has made their payment.

Thus to make sure that you understand these terms and condition, they will need you to clear the readiness test before clearing your profile for approval.

4. Take skill tests that are relevant to your job profile


To add authenticity to your profile also take additional skill test that will showcase your skills and demonstrate to your future clients how you bring an advantage for their work.

There are over a hundred skill test that you can take and cover a large range of topics such as SEO, basics of copywriting, Bookkeeping, Virtual Assistant Skills, Internet Marketing, grammar, etcetera.

Take as many of these skill tests as you can as it will enhance your profile and highlight that you are proficient in your work.

These skill tests are an advantage to your profile so make sure you take all tests that correspond with the skills and that you want to market to your employers.

What is more, you also have the choice to hide the score of the skill tets where you score below average and only publish scores of those tests where you’ve scored favourably.

To take these Skills tests, click the Find Work tab and then click on the Tests icon. You can also search for relevant tests by Keyword search provided there.

5. Make sure you have only one Upwork profile


Many a time one creates multiple profiles as previous profile got rejected or they have forgotten their login details.

While this is a common practice before you make a new profile make sure you have deleted your previous profiles as the system might suspect you to be a fraud and thus reject your profile.

6. Find a client to hire you via Upwork


What many don’t know is that Upwork has a program called ‘Bring Your Own Freelancer’ or BYOF which allows their clients to directly hire freelancers that are not on Upwork.

If you can get once such client to hire you via Upwork, your profile would automatically get approved as it proves to Upwork that your skills are valuable and that you would be an asset to their clients.

For this the client that has hired you will need to send you an email that has his or her contract terms and once you accept his invitation to join his team, your profile will automatically be activated.

7. Join an Upwork agency


While above seems like a feasible idea, it is not easy to get a client to hire you directly unless you know someone who is hiring.

Thus, you can alternatively join an agency which will get your profile automatically approved.

An agency is a team of freelancers that are already on Upwork and just like with Upwork clients, your profile is accepted as soon as you accept their email invitation to join their agency.

What one must know is that an agency works differently from independent freelancers and have a different set of term and conditions. So, make sure you understand all the ins and outs of an agency before you sign up as an agency freelancer.

8. Build your profile around skills in demand


While I write this as the very last point, it is one of the most important steps when it comes to getting your profile accepted and selected by clients.

It’s highly advisable that you time and again take a look at your skills and see what skill is in high demand.

Use this research to your advantage and sharpen your Upwork profile so as to stand out to clients. Take Upwork’s above-mentioned skill tests so as to build your profile in a manner that expresses your expertise clearly and makes sure that the clients know that you possess the work skills they are looking for.

If you are able to do this well, then you will not only get your Upwork profile accepted without much struggle but would also be able to get higher paying jobs on the platform.